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WestConnex M4 East Concord & Parramatta Road

Client: CPB Samsung John Holland Joint Venture

Market: Drainage

Project Description:

Full installation and construction of drainage pipe systems for cross culvert/transverse and longitudinal drainage.

Full installation and construction of drainage structures inclusive of pits, Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs), headwalls, risers and grate/cover surrounds.

Total chainage 3,500m. Pipe sizes ranging from 375mm to 900mm with approximately 300 pits of varying sizes.

Coordination between nightshifts and day shifts to ensure the works are completed on time. Difficult road crossings near Parramatta road completed.

Extensive existing services in the ground that required skilled crews to lay the Stormwater in very close proximity. This included HV, gas, watermains, sewer and communication services.