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Working on a wide range of projects has equipped MMA Civil with a solid and dependable knowledge base. MMA Civil's experience covers a wide range of areas, including: vegetation, recyclable water, reinforced concrete work, deep pipe laying, park development, footpaths and pits, subsoil drainage, road works and major earthworks. Case studies are collected and continually researched in order to develop solutions for current and future civil construction scenarios. The expertise of MMA Civil is highly sought after in the construction and development industry on major and intricate projects based on this wealth of experience and excellent track record of successful project safety and delivery.
MMA Civil has been recognised in the industry for its valuable contribution and excellence.


MMA Civil Contractors occupational and safety management system is accredited by Sydney Water as meeting the NSW Government's guidelines. MMA Civil Contractors are listed and accredited by Sydney Water and other government agencies as having the technical capability to carry out the following type of work.

  • S1 Sewerage Reticulation DN 150-300
  • MS Minor Works
  • P Pressure Sewer Systems
  • W2 Water Supply DN 375 - 750
  • RW Recycled Water DN 65 - 375
  • S2 Sewer Standard DN 375 - 750
  • PE Pipe Systems
  • RTA Approved
  • Accredited Level 1 Service Provider
  • Ausgrid
Water Recycling, Drainage & Irrigation Projects
MMA Civil Contractors are committed to sustainable development and environmental protection through the better management of our natural resources including our water supply. We feel that the availability of water and it usage will become even more important as development continues and the effects of climate change are realised. MMA Civil Contractors have committed to developing its knowledge base and resources to deliver sustainability driven projects including the South Windsor Recycled Water Scheme, Lake Cammeray stormwater harvesting project, Mardi - Mangrove project and various GPT's including; Grose Street GPT, Cooper Park Sediment trap (Woollahra council), Ewan Park GPT (Canterbury council) and Tuggerah Lakes - San Remo and Gorokan, (Wyong Shire Council). We feel that by delivering these projects we are helping protect the water supply for future generations.
Sewerage Scheme Projects
MMA Civil Contractors have been involved in the delivery of sewerage scheme upgrade works under various alliances including; Sydney Water's Sewerfix separation program for the Sewerfix Alliance and Sydney Water's priority sewerage program for Priority Sewerage Program Alliance. MMA Civil Contractors have delivered major sewerage works for these and other projects which included the following activities; upgrade works at sewerage treatment plants, separating live sewer infrastructure from existing stormwater infrastructure, installation of sewerage pots & reticulation mains, construction of oviform tunnels, construction of large diameter rising & transfer mains and installation of pumping stations.
Water Scheme Projects
As with water recycling, drainage & irrigation projects, water scheme projects that are aimed at reducing our current demands on the existing water supply as well as developing future security of supply are becoming more important. We have extensive experience of water schemes and have been involved in some of the major water schemes in the Sydney area over the last few years. These projects include; the Mardi-Mangrove Project, Sydney Desalination Plant and Sydney Waters Networks Alliance watermain renewal. MMA Civil Contractors have delivered major water works for these and other projects including, the delivery of new watermains up to 2100mm in diameter, rehabilitation of old watermains, and the construction and fit out of pumping stations.
Electrical & Communication Projects
MMA Civil Contractors have gained invaluable experience on electrical & communication projects while working in partnership with other companies and alliances including, Mainland Civil and Energised Alliance. Through the experience gained on these projects and the training of key personnel in Ausgrid SC1200 and various other accredited courses, MMA Civil Contractors have the capability to deliver projects directly for Ausgrid. MMA Civil Contractors have the knowledge, experience and accredited personnel to deliver large and complex electrical & communication projects which include the following activities; laying conduits, laying HV & LV cables, laying fibre optic cables, installation of joint bays & draw pits, joining cables and associated works in confined spaces and around existing infrastructure.
Bulk Earthworks, Excavation, Demolition & Construction of Concrete Structures
MMA Civil Contractors have delivered projects which required bulk earthworks, deep excavations, demolition & construction of concrete structures, road construction and landscaping. These works are often a part of larger projects which might include laying a stormwater pipe and construction of a storage dam as with the Lake Cammeray project or pipe laying, construction of concrete structures, road construction and landscaping as a complete project as with South Windsor Recycled Water Scheme. This capability of proving all aspects of a project give MMA Civil Contractors the advantage over other contractors ensuring that each section of works is delivered within the programme to the same quality standards while providing excellent valve for money.
Project Management
Management and administration of projects follow robust and stringent project controls and procedures, making MMA Civil Contractors a sought after partner on any project. MMA Civil contractors have constructed various projects which involved significant project management capabilities which were delivered both on time and within budget.
Design Management
MMA Civil Contractors, equipped with a strong design management team, provided significant input into a number of projects including a storm water harvesting project with North Sydney Council where MMA Civil Contractors proposed and delivered numerous innovations and cost saving initiatives. MMA Civil Contractors also showed its significant design management capabilities as a part of the South Windsor Recycled Water Sewerage Scheme design and construct project. This project due to its complexity required inputs from various designers including the design consultants, structural designer, electrical & mechanical designer. MMA Civil Contractors as the project and design management were responsible for working with each designer to combine the individual designs into the overall project.
Design and Construction
MMA Civil Contractors have the ability to deliver large design and construction projects. MMA Civil Contractors by combining its extensive construction experience with its trusted design consultants and partners have the expertise in water, wastewater and water recycling infrastructure to undertake and deliver large projects from design stage to commissioning on programme while offering excellent valve for money and quality assurance.
Construction Methods and Liason with Stakeholders
MMA Civil Contractors have on many projects pioneered creative methods to avoid disruption to traffic while undertaking sewer/storm water separation works. A project example includes works conducted in Wattle Street on behalf of Sydney Water. The use of specialised equipment allowed a smoother construction sequence and subsequent minimised disruption to the community, especially users of the extremely busy Wattle Street.
Quality Engineering
MMA Civil contractors continually strive to solve complex civil engineering challenges in our projects with Innovative Solutions. We provide the construction, project management and engineering services for these projects while maintaining high quality, occupational health & safety and environmental standards.
Integrity is Everything
MMA Civil Contractors builds Business Relationships based on Reliability, Trust and Integrity. Our employees are highly trusted and experienced as shown through the many awards, references and accreditations held by MMA Civil Contractors.

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