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WestConnex Stage 2 New M5 – Kingsgrove

Client: CPB Dragados Samsung Joint Venture

Market: HDPE Fire deluge and Hydrant main, electrical, communications

Project Description:

  • Welding and Installation of HDPE Pipe (315mm & 180mm) - Deluge and Hydrant Mains
  • Deluge Manifold at Cross Passages and Emergency Egress Passages (EEP’s).
  • Cleaning and Pressure Testing of HDPE Pipe (Fire Main)
  • Installation of conduit brackets
  • Installation of collocated communications and HV PVC conduits with tracer rope
  • Mandrel testing on all Installed conduits
  • Installation of Communication and Deluge Pits
  • Hydrostatic Pressure testing of installed HDPE pipelines prior to handover;
  • Install Plastic Flexible Pipes as per RMS specification R23