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Box Culvert bypass and Sewer Diversion Work

Client: Ceerose PTY Ltd

Market: Drainage & Sewer

Project Description:

Drainage Scope

Ceerose engaged MMA Civil Contractors for the supply, installation and certification of stormwater Box Culvert, Chambers, transition chambers, inlet/outlet pipes and all associated works in accordance with the plans as approved by Sydney water.

MMA Civil Contractors disconnected, demolished and excavated existing redundant 1219mm & 1397mm diameter stormwater pipes, 1372mm x 1372mm box culverts, and culverts crossings, and all associated chambers.

In its place MMA constructed new 3600mm x 1350mm bypass box culvert, culvert roof joints and all associated works.

Sewer Scope

MMA Civil Contractors were engaged to supply all plant, labour, equipment’s and materials necessary to carry out and complete supply, install, test, commission and certification of Sewer diversion and all associated works in accordance with the drawings and specification issued by KR Stubbs Pty Ltd (as approved by Sydney Water).

As part of the diversion works MMA Civil supplied, installed, tested and commissioned smartstream poo pits, maintenance shafts, access chambers, Man holes and concrete encased all pipe work.