Project Type:
Water Scheme Projects
ITS Trenchless & Networks Alliance
On going works
Greater Sydney


The aim of this project delivered by Sydney Water through Networks Alliance is to replace old and damaged watermains across Sydney Water's network to reduce leakage levels and increase security of supply.


MMA Civil Contractors are currently contracted by ITS Trenchless and Networks Alliance to replace old cast iron watermains on a number of sites in the Greater Sydney area utilizing trenchless technology systems. Although relatively new, trenchless technology systems have been proven as an effective method of rehabilitation of watermains both in terms of cost and disturbance to existing infrastructure. MMA Civil Contractors as part of its ongoing development embraces theses and other innovative solutions to complex civil engineering challenges. As part of these works MMA Civil Contractors have to re-connect every property to the new main as well as adding new hydrants and valves.