Project Type:
Water Recycling, Drainage & Irregation Projects
Wyong Shire Council
January 2011- Present
San Remo & Gorakan, NSW


Installation of stormwater treatment devices such as these gross pollutant traps, as part of a stormwater management plan, help to limit the flow of sediments and nutrients into the lakes, therefore reducing the environmental impact of developments along the lake shore.


As part of the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Stormwater Treatment Works at San Remo and Gorokan, MMA Civil Contractors installed 4 No. Gross Pollutant Traps including all associated works as detailed below.

  • San Remo GPT''s
  • Installation of a CDS 3018L unit on an open channel
  • Construction of a grassed swale for treatment of water pumped out of the CDS unit during maintenance
  • Construction of a diversion weir to divert water into the CDS 3018 and modify channel base and walls around CDS unit
  • Construction of maintenance access to CDS unit using reinforced turf mat
  • Installation of a CDS 1009L on twin 1050mm diameter pipes
  • Construction of a cast in situ diversion chamber and weir on the 1050mm diameter pipes
  • Demolition and reinstatement of the existing inline GPT''s
  • Revegetation & weed management of creek banks. Gorokan GPT''s
  • Installation of a CDS 1518R unit on one of the existing 900mm diameter pipes
  • Construction of a low flow diversion weir in the existing pit
  • Construction of a diversion chamber and diversion weir for the CDS 1518R unit on a 900mm a diameter pipe
  • Installation of 2 x 20m Hydrocon 500mm pipes & 1200mm pits
  • Construction of a maintenance access road using reinforced turf mat, Installation of a CDS 0708Maxi unit