Project Type:
Water Recycling, Drainage & Irregation Projects
St Leonard’s Park Project - Lake Cammeray
2002 to 2007
Lake Cammeray, NSW


It is forecasted that the scheme will save 90 million litres of drinking water on an annual basis.


MMA Civil Contractors worked alongside Cammeray Golf Club, Maunsells and the Council to deliver a State Government supported initiative, the Lake Cammeray Project which was initiated in 2002. This project was an innovative scheme developed in order to use stormwater harvested from a 94 hectare catchment area to irrigate major parks and sporting facilities including St Leonard''s Park and North Sydney Oval. This project had an overall value of over A$4M dollars The water is stored in a clay-lined open dam situated at the Cammeray Golf Club and has the capacity for three million litres of water and stretches 45 metres x 365 metres. A water feature aerates the water to improve its ability to sustain marine life and circulate the water to maximise UV exposure. A gross pollutant trap (GPT) was installed to store water for St Leonard''s park. The capacity of the GPT is 60,000 litres. Storm water is pumped from a pumpwell situated downstream of the GPT outlet and passes through a 40-micron sand filter to reduce turbidity and to remove impurities that have become attached to the sediment. The dam provides water for the golf course and Primrose Park whilst also doubling as a water feature, providing habitat to native fauna such as ducks and frogs. Further local GPTs provide the water source for irrigating Tunks and Forsyth Parks, both significant parks in the North Sydney local government area.