Project Type:
Water Recycling, Drainage & Irregation Projects
Hawkesbury City Council
February 2011 – September 2011
South Windsor , NSW


Once complete the South Winsor recycled water treatment plant will be capable of producing 2.3ML/d of recycled water to provide toilet flushing & irrigation in the South Windsor area. This water will help reduce the impact on water supply especially in times of below average rainfall while also reducing the amount of treated effluent discharged into the Hawkesbury River system. This project has an estimated overall value of over A$9M dollars.


MMA Civil Contractors are currently in the process of delivering a design and construction recycling effluent treatment plant, distribution network and irrigation system for South Windsor. The project includes all works and designs from concept design stage to construction including the following elements; surveying, geo-technical investigation, designing, construction, testing, commissioning and process proving of the South Windsor STP Recycled Water Plant, pumping system, rising main, on-site storage tanks, recycled water toilet flushing systems, sprinkler irrigation systems and distribution network. The project involves installing approximately 10km of pipeline throughout South Windsor and the irrigation of six parks throughout the area. Upon completion of this project, recycled water will be supplied to council reserves in South Windsor and Bligh Park for irrigation, and in future for schools, residents, industrial uses and businesses. The Hawkesbury - Nepean River Recovery Program is funded by the Australian Government through the Water for the Future program.