Project Type:
Water Recycling, Drainage & Irregation Projects
John Holland
August 2010 – November 2010
Wyong, NSW


To provide the Central Coast area with better capabilities to protect the region against future extended periods of below average rainfall & speed up drought recovery.


The Mardi-Mangrove Link Project is a key element of WaterPlan 2050 which is the long term water supply strategy for the Central Coast. The purpose of this project is to use Mangrove Creek Dam to store water, obtained in periods of higher river flow for return to Mardi Dam when water storage levels there are low. As part of this project, it is critical that accurate gauging of water levels and flows above the Lower Wyong Weir takes place. Also, as a part of this project it was necessary to optimise the existing fishway under low flow conditions. MMA Civil contractors worked alongside John Holland Construction to deliver a modified low flow and high flow fishweir, the first of its type in Australia. The scope of works involved the construction of the weir, fishway and gauging which included the following:

  • Dredging of the river bed
  • Removal of vegetation and debris throughout existing rock fill
  • Modification and extension of the concrete weir
  • Construction of a low flow fishway
  • Regrading of the existing rock ramp
  • Construction of a boat ramp
  • Installation of gauging equipment