Project Type:
Sewerage Scheme Projects
Priority Sewerage Program Alliance
June 2010 – January 2011
Hawkesbury Heights & Yellow Rock, NSW


The Priority Sewerage Program is to provide a reticulated sewerage service to un-serviced towns and villages in Sydney Water''s area of operation, under the Priority Sewerage Program Alliance.


This work included installation of pressure sewerage reticulation pipework, welding of polyethylene pipework, construction of chambers and pits, installation of sewerage rising mains (PE and PVC pipework), installation of gravity sewerage pipework, installation of approximately 90 E-One pressure sewerage on-property works (consisting of collection tank, electrical conduits, and discharge pipework) on private properties, restoration and reinstatement of private and public properties, installation and maintenance of environmental and sediment controls, and installation of approximately 200 on-property Mono pressure pump units.