Project Type:
Sewerage Scheme Projects
Priority Sewerage Program Alliance
January 2007 – December 2008
Brooklyn & Dangar Island, NSW


The aim of this project was to link each house in the area to the main sewer system, removing the need to empty septic tanks regularly, therefore reducing annual running cost and potential health and environmental risks.


MMA Civil contractor as a part of the Brooklyn and Dangar Island Sewerage Scheme were responsible for installing sewerage pots and for constructing the main body of reticulation works comprising of PE100 PN16 Polyethylene pipe in diameters up to 200mm within an extremely environmentally sensitive environment. This involved working closely alongside noise sensitive receptors, watercourses, acid sulphate soils, indigenous heritage and non-indigenous heritage. During this project MMA Civil Contractors demonstrated a great understanding of these issues by successfully implementing mitigation measures and achieving outstanding environmental performance as acknowledged through regular audits of the scheme.