Project Type:
Sewerage Scheme Projects
Priority Sewerage Program Alliance
November 2009 – September 2010
Agnes Banks & Londonderry, NSW


The aim of this project was to link each house in the area to the main sewer system, removing the need to empty septic tanks regularly, therefore reducing annual running cost and potential health and environmental risks.


The scope of works included the installation of approximately 9km of polyethylene sewerage reticulation mains ranging in size from 40mm to 110mm as part of a pressure sewerage system. This Included the installation of scours, flushing points, air valves, concrete chambers and the installation of approximately 400 on-property Mono pressure pump units on each property in Agnes Banks and Londonderry. The project involved the following activities:

  • Transportation and unloading of plant, equipment and materials to and from site by contractors on public/main roads
  • Service identification and non destructive exposure of services
  • Use of trenchless technologies such as HDD machines, grundomats and bed borers to install underground pipework
  • Trenching with both hand and excavator outside residential areas
  • Electrofusion welding to join pipework
  • Transportation of quarry/spoil to and from site compound and work area
  • Laying of pipework in trenches
  • Backfilling of trenches
  • Restoration of disturbed areas