Project Type:
Electrical/Communication Projects
TraCa Alliance
May 2012 – Present
Woy Woy, NSW


Load growth in the area requires the establishment of 66/11kV zone substation and associated 66kV and 11kV feeder works.


The project consisted of the excavation of a cable trench including installation of cable ducts from the Woy Woy substation to the Empire bay substation Total route length is 6.6km. General description of the works were as follows: Locate and protect existing underground utilities where required along duct line route construction. Saw-cut, breakout and remove road construction, including cartage of material to a suitably licenced tip facility. Excavate duct line trench, Install supply ducts, spacers and polymeric covers. Co-ordinate the supply of Thermally Stabilised Backfill (TSB) and install TSB to underside of road construction including filling cylinders for TR (Thermal resistivity) and Compressive Strength testing. Supply and Lay DGB Roadbase and Hotmix Asphalt AC20 as restoration. Provide adequate worksite interlocking barriers to protect all site personnel and public from live traffic. Coordination and installation of Joint bays, including service locating, excavation and disposal of spoil.