Project Type:
Electrical/Communication Projects
TraCa Alliance
November 2011 - Present
Warners Avenue, Barracluff Park, Beach Road, Wellington Street (Bondi)


The installation of the new 132kV feeders is part of Ausgrid''s commitment to improving the quality of supply for customers, and to cater for the growing demand for power from homes and businesses within Ausgrid''s network area. The primary objective of the project is to install and commission two new 132kV feeders to improve electricity supply and reliability for the Eastern Suburbs area in order to meet current and future demand.


The project involves the installation of ducts by traditional open trenching methods. There will be two underground 132kV feeders, laid between the joint bay at Warners Avenue and the joint bay at the intersection of Wellington Street and Bondi Road. These works will take place within the local government areas of City of Sydney and Waverley Council. The trenching and installation of ducts would be undertaken in a progressive manner with short lengths (e.g. approximately 30m) open at time. The trench would be approximately 1.5 metres deep and 1.3 to 2.6m wide. The conduits will be placed in a trefoil arrangement in the trench. Once the conduits have been placed within a section of trench it will be backfilled and a new section of trench will be excavated. The civil earthworks commenced in November 2011 and are anticipated to be completed in April 2012.